Tuesday, February 4, 2020

So now that is all rounded up.

Well it looks as though the having the background painted all white and all posts painted all white is really giving this lil beasty the look I want it to have. Not to mention that the design I chose has no side columns so I was able to make the body of the blog 1440 Pixels. I could of driven it up to 1500 but keeping it at 1440 which is 720 doubled, stays at a multiplier that the website can shift the display accordingly and keep it looking proper. They way I want it to look.

So now I must experiment with adding pictures into the posts to that I can see if they are overly exploded and enlarged or if they show up normal. Either way I am betting that they will need resized as it post with the resize tool. I haven't posted a pic as of yet that hasn't needed a resize or two.

So for now it seems as though it is coming together nicely so that I may copy the same format over on my Linux blog/site at primeguey.com . right now I am using a star field scene that I got from Star Wars and using a "Play" font that resembles PlayStation font introduced by Sony with the PlayStation 3, and yes that is why it matches the Spiderman font as well. Sony owned Spiderman at the time and wanted to cross advertise the gaming console and Spiderman. I cant say that I blame them, after all it worked.

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